Niall Gengler is a Certified Bicycle Technician and holds a Certificate of completion from the titanium frame building course at The United Bicycle Institute in Ashland, Oregon. Niall is also a Certified Bicycle Fitter through Serotta’s SICI fit school.

Pioneer Valley Frameworks is a small shop building fully custom and stock-sized bike frames and components. Located in Easthampton, Massachusetts, each frame is fit, designed, and fully fabricated in house. I am dedicated to producing bicycles that incorporate the best of American manufacturing. I source all of my materials from U.S. manufacturers and have the frames powder coated or painted locally.

Pioneer Valley Frameworks began twelve years ago as NFG Cycles. After over a decade’s worth of learning, building, and riding in the Pioneer Valley, Pioneer Valley Frameworks was established to celebrate the incredible roads, trails, and community of its namesake. These frames are designed as a direct influence of many adventures and experiences riding in the rugged, diverse, and challenging terrain of Western Massachusetts.

I’ve been completely obsessed with bicycles since I was a little kid. I’ve raced road, mountain, and cyclocross. I’ve been a lifelong commuter and have always thought of bicycles as the perfect mode of transportation. I’ve ridden many miles touring with a full load, including my very first tour, riding from Seattle to San Francisco when I finished the eighth grade. I’ve ridden trials, ‘urban assault,’ and a little BMX. I’ve studied exercise science and ridden with a focus ‘on the numbers’ but enjoy going slow and seeing the sights just as much as I like going fast. I’ve logged many miles on pavement, dirt road, and trail.

With my love of bikes, I attended Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, where I studied Bicycle Design and Fabrication. I started designing, welding, machining, and building my own frames in 2003. I have also studied at the United Bicycle Institute where I took the Titanium Frame Building course and became a Certified Bicycle Technician through the Professional Mechanics program. I am also a certified Bicycle Fitter through the Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI).

I have taught frame building at the Hampshire College Lemelson Center and worked there as a shop supervisor. I have worked as a machinist for Independent Fabrication and as a welder and fabricator for a stainless steel sculptor. I’ve also designed and built frames and tooling for other bicycle companies.

-----Niall Gengler (Owner/Fabricator)

Background: 12 Years of Building