- Bikes -

-The Greylock-


A classic road machine, named after Massachusetts’ highest peak, Mt. Greylock.

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-The Hilltown-

(Road/Dirt Road/All Road/Rando)

Named after the rugged and rambling Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts, this bike is built for pavement, dirt road and brevet style riding.

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-The Outbound-


If you’re only going to own one bike, this is the one. The Outbound is designed for adventuring, touring and versatility. If equipped with full fenders and generator lighting, you’ll find few excuses not to ride, day or night, any weather, year round.

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-The King of Earl’s-

(XC Mountain)

Named after Earl’s Trails in the Holyoke Range, this bike is a racy, XC speed machine.

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-The B. Street-

(Trail/All Mountain)

Named after the rocky, technical, Bachelor Street Trails in the Holyoke Range. This bike is designed to duke it out with the tight, and rugged trails Western Massachusetts and New England are famous for.

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-The Tracker-

(Fat Bike)

A fat bike that is fun year-round. Take on the winter in full force, or just embrace the rolling party that only 4” wide tires can bring.

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-Commuter & The Electric Avenue-

(Commuting/Transport/Electric Assist)

Bikes for transportation and commuting.

The Electric Avenue

An electric assist city bike, great for commuters and those with health issues that prevent them from riding entirely under their own power.

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-Look Park-


Named after the longest running UCI cyclocross race in the US, held at Look Park in Northampton, MA. This bike is ready to do battle in the mud, slop and snow of the New England cyclocross circuit.

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-In the Shop-

A somewhat random assortment of views inside the shop.                                             

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-Previous Work-

I’ve been building bikes since 2003 and mainly got my start under the name NFG Cycles. Check out some of the builds of the past to find out how Pioneer got to where it is today.


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Pics taken while out and about, mainly riding on the roads and trails of Western Massachusetts.


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Building bikes isn’t easy- it is a complicated and involved process. Look behind the scenes into the shop: fitting, designing, welding and machining bikes as well as designing and building tools from scratch to do the job.


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-Photo Galleries-